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Rota Subzero 17 Weight Loss

Spec V stock wheel weight General Discussion. Wondering how much unsprung weight Id lose if I bought aftermarket wheels. With some Rota Subzero os the like, you can drop 20 pounds of rotating, unsprung weight. Light Weight Wheels 1st Gen (89-92) Performance. Rota Subzero or Slipstream are pretty light while also easy on the wallet. A set of the 15 Subzero rims run about. Before it gets lost in this thread, Check post 17. Gavin. Weight reduction transfer. Falken Azenis Rota Slipstreams 16. Tein basic coilovers 17 Rota Subzeros in gunmetal 2154017. Weight in lbs 17x7.516.0. Rota Subzeros. Location Los Angeles. So no one knows what the exact weight of the stock 17 with out the.

And whats a proper weight for each wheel on a first gen Pro? I was going to get some 17s that. Mini guys. We switched to regular slicks and lost.5 sec off of our times. I hope. Ive been hawking these a lot w the focus peeps, and id thought id let you all know too (if you didnt already) I have been working w Rota wheel. L glutamine help with weight loss. Rota Subzero 17x7 in Royal Black, on Kumho ECSTA SPT 21545-17. wheels and the winter set, and I can certainly feel the weight loss. Page 1 of 15 - The Rota Wheels Thread - Copycatreplica - Haters Read In. wheels and the blend of material they are constructed from means they are a nice weight. Drewcole81, on 31 Dec 2013 - 0217 AM, said. i bought a set of Rota subzero within one winter the lips had pitting and were horrible. Rota Subzero, with bronze finish. Nippon Racing GTX T-Bone 10s 17 X 7 in Hyper Black with Nitto 555 Xtremes in 2054017 Does anyone know what is the weight of the stock 17 inches wheel ?. Wheel weight reduction, its a big improvement in car handling and performance. OZ Superleggera, most of Rota(Sub-Zero, Circuit 8, Circuit 10 they are. NewRota Subzero 17x7.5 225x45. Weight 38.7 Flat Black. Besides price, one of the things that makes me happy is the weight loss.

Rota Subzero 17 Weight Loss!

I plan on trying for about 200 lbs weight loss. Weight Reduction Reference, Survey FAQ Performance Mods. 21545 17 (each) 22.5 lbs Monster Hui. Rota Subzero 15 wheels 12.8 lbs each If you saw my Modifications List, you probably noticed I have done 550lbs of weight reduction. Here are some shots of the. Painted calipers and 17 wheels. Pic2. Edge Racing High Stall Torque Converter Install (3104). 37lbs for 17 inch to be safe I cant find any info on the tire weight


Turbo XS UTEC Engine Management System. Fully tuned by. 16.5lb 17 x 7.5 Rota Subzero Steel Grey w 24540ZR17 Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec. Brembo. Page 17 of 193 Intelligent discussions about cars, auto detailing, car maintenance, There is only dishonor in not racing because you are afraid to lose. Are the 17x7 WM7s as light as the Rota Sub Zeros 17x7?. Thanks Nico.abt the weight, if im not mistaken theyre almost the same theyre around 8 kilos only. Turbo XS UTEC Engine Management System. 16.5lb 17 x 7.5 Rota Subzero Steel Grey w 24540ZR17 Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec. Brembo stock. Id jump on a staggered set of 17 inchers if the price and weight you listed is accurate. over my budget for this year, and I liked the look of the Rotas more, so I went with them. Some forum searching on the topic of weight reduction will quickly show how much work. Originally Posted by SubZero. Standard NB or even NB Phoenix Enkeis are well below that weight. pictured are 1.0 17s (14.1 lbs) (yes they come in 4x100). And from my previous car Rota Subzero 15 x 6.5 at 11.9lbs (5.4kg). This permits a dramatic reduction in wheel weight while enhancing structural rigidity vs. a standard cast.

The Rota Wheels Thread

Rota Subzero weight. confirmed!. yeah, my 17s weighed in at 16.4 lbs on a medical grade scale. X2BOARD is offline. Afaik Rota Subzeros are pretty light and wont break the bank either. Any chance you can check the weight of all the Rota 17x9.5 wheels for me ?. I rarely lose traction in my 13 with 255s on the back unless I basically. Rota RB Quality NANB Tires Wheels. Ive heard the actual weight of the Diamond to be closer to 17lbs. When I get home tonight Im going.

Re FS (4)ROTA Subzero 17x7.5 e45 4x114.3 (gunmetal) Parts For Sale. Re FS 91 Galant VR-4 2712000 BG Los Angeles, Ca - 4500 OBO Cars For Sale. Oct 10, 2013 - 2 min - Uploaded by TheTongManRota Slip Stream 15x8.0 40 w MH Slicks 24.5x8.5-15 28 pounds Stock Si wh. Stock Si. ive got the 5 star se rims right now, but want to know how much weight loss would i get. Rim Rota Subzero Just got my Rota Torques in and I weighed them before installation. For the front, 17x7.5 weights in at 18lbs exact. The rears, 17x8 weights in at. the lightest Rota ET48 5x100 17x8 is the Slipstream 18.3 lbs. Turbo XS UTEC Engine Management System Voltage Drop Plug and Play Harness for TurboXS UTEC (www. 16.5lb 17 x 7.5 Rota Subzero Steel Grey w 24540ZR17 Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star. Curb Weight at track (with driver) 2600 lbs. See more about Weight loss water, Wolves and Animals. Dia de los muertos skull balloons. Slim Rota 40 Inch Tall Glass Cylinder Vase 4 Inches Wide. You should also look into that article about the rota wheels. (i forgot. Spend maybe 400-600 more on decent wheels, you get huge weight reduction bonus, suspension upgrade, and braking upgrade. Larger-diameter rotors can apply more braking torque to the wheels.

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They just seem too good to be true IMO. 17X7.5 for 500 shipped and they weight a mear 16.5lbs or so. The reason I ask is because I am. Rota Subzero vs Racing Hart CP-035r Wheels Tires. So the question still stands - are there appropriate sizes of any Rota wheels, preferably in 17, for the Z. number of auto manufacturers (would quote who, but lost the damn link!). Racing Hart CP-035R are great quality plus very light weight and a. Most new models like the Rota DPT in 17x9 fitment only weigh in at 18 lbs eek. Rota Torque R. Celebs Who Look Great After Losing WeightPressRoomVIP. Evo X General Evo X Dyno Results Evo X Engine Management Tuning Forums Evo X Engine Turbo Drivetrain Evo X Tires, Wheels, Chevrolet Corvette Z06 01 - CCW skeletal mod Forged 17x9.5 17.8. Mazda Miata Spare Tire Wheel (includes tire weight). Rota Subzero Cast 17x7.5 16.9 Also, what offset should i look for if im look for 17 by 7 to 8 inch wheel. center cause more rotational weight to be added. so youre losing any performance. youre looking at a decent price, I like the rota subzeros. the 15 version like I have. © 2015