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Butterfly Valve Wafer Type Weight Loss

The Wafer-Sphere high-performance butterfly valve is available in a. Standard lugged style valves are suitable for bi- directional. drop of 1kgcm2. To convert. HP Series Wafer with Lever 2 12 - 8. Sealing retaining ring designed for double dead end service (lug style) and allows easy removal for seat replacement. Stemdisc connection ensures minimal lost motion and high strength. ORDER MILWAUKEE VALVES HP SERIES HIGH PERFORMANCE BUTTERFLY VALVE. Anita Engineering WorksWafer Type Swing Check Valve has short face to face dimensions and low weight allows. The short face to face dimensions and the low weight guarantee a simple and space saving installation. Low Pressure Drop. Wafer. Lugged. Explanation of Product Code. G PN16 DJ L M E. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. KITZ lugged type butterfly valves are rated for dead end service to full working pressure of the valve with the. Pressure loss (for handling static clean water with.

valve, general service butterfly valve, swing check valve, rubber flapper check valve, double disc check valve, wafer (outside spring) check valve, globe style. Without butterfly valves modern water management would be inconceivable. The type of connection is called a double flange butterfly valve or a wafer type. to absorb the weight of the valves, thus preventing the weight of the valves and. The BrayMcCannalok high performance butterfly valves innovative design offers. Size Range 2 12 - 66 (65mm - 1650mm) Body Style Wafer, Lug and. Valves. Butterfly Valves. Head losses tables. 14. Flange and bolts tables. 15. weight air consumption. 202. TYPE. APPROVAL. BODY. BVPD. BVKI BLKI. BFKI material references standard. zinc plated steel. Wafer body. parts included in spare kit. Butterfly Valves.

Butterfly Valve Wafer Type Weight Loss:

Flanged Wafer-type Butterfly Valves. Double Block and Bleed. The Quality Management System of LT Valves is certified to comply with. ISO 9001 and API. Wafer butterfly valve with centring lugs, concentric type with loose EPDM. slim disc featuring a very low pressure loss across. weight kg. Wafter Style Butterfly Valve. 1 Small in size and light in weight. petrifaction, metallurgy, environmental protection, energy management, fir-fighting systems. 2. Our range of products include Wafer Type Butterfly Valves CRI Make, Rubber. of butterfly configuration due to their advantages of reduced size and weight. Butterfly Valves. CIRCOR Energy Butterfly Valves are economical in design and light in weight. This type of valve is typically used for isolating or regulating flow.

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Ap l Flow Controls. BUTTERFLY. VALVES. WD - Ductile Iron, Wafer Body Design. Dead-End Service Lug Style Valves are Suitable for End of Line. APPROXIMATE WEIGHT FOR BARE SHAFT VALVE. (US gallons per minute) represent the flow of 60F water through a 100 open valve at a pressure drop of 1 psi. SRS 710 Wafer Type. 711 Lug Type. SRS 740 Wafer Type. PTFE seated. Reduced weight and overall dimensions. Low pressure loss and reduced energy costs. High Kv. Note For replaceable rubber seated butterfly valve only. Wafer type, lug type, flanged or welded connections. Leakage. size and pressure drop across valve, in other words, pressure difference between inlet and.

Both Lug and Wafer Style valves are compatible with ANSI 125150 bolting patterns. Butterfly valves are designed in accordance with ASMEANSI Class 125150 lb class flanges as well. Weight lb kg. 2 3. 10.51. 1.26. 0.50. 0.38. 3.00. 50 75. 267. 32. 12.7. 9.53. P Pressure drop in pounds per square inch (PSI). Nominal. Valve. Sizes. Inches. (DN). Nominal Dimensions. Inches. (mm). Weight. Lbs. (kg). A. B. FIGURE 1. MODEL BFV-300 WAFER STYLE BUTTERFLY VALVE. VALVE. NOMINAL PRESSURE DROP VERSUS FLOW. All VFB Butterfly Valves are available with a factory- assembled and. a constant pressure drop (as illustrated in Figure 1). The valve. Net weight is for valve only (no actuator). Key the. Stem ASTM A582 Type 416 1.4405. - Primary. The Watts BF Series Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve is available in sizes 50. 2600 mm. Other diameters. (up to 2600) on request. Dimensions. Wafer type. Lug type. B. A. E. Weight (kg). crossing through the valve and creating a drop of. VELAN TRIPLE -OFFSET ZERO LEAKAGE BUTTERFLY VALVE. the company adopted a formal Total Quality Management. Program, aimed at. Double flanged short and long pattern. Wafer type. Butt weld type. Lug type. Weight (kg) a. D.

Lower weight and dimensions than other types of valves. Maximum. Quality management systems. Butterfly Valves Double Flanged, Lug-and Wafer-Type.U N S L(10K Ductile wafer butterfly valve, SUS304 disc, NBR seat, SUS403 stem, Lever operator). Half of conventional type by weight!Valve Butterfly. Valves are compact, light-weight, easy to install.9. Kennedy ValveAWWA Butterflys 10-3 ! !LL. TYPE !LL. OR. OTH. 4URNS. 0IPE. 4URNS. LOSE. 6ALVE. LOSE. KENNEDY VALVE 4500 s.3. the most widely installed of all underground waterworks butterfly valves. !ND. WAFER BODY.Camerons DEMCO butterfly valves are the valves of choice, engineered and proven for drilling. Cast in both wafer and tapped lug patterns in a variety of material. body for reduced weight and increased strength. Wafer Style Shown. A throttling 0 psi-rated valve is available where drop-tight closure.


AV-CWR Concentric WAFER type Rubber lined Butterfly Valves. AV-CSR. pressure drop. Concentric. Easy handling and light weight. Easy. The unique vane-seat and body-seat construction of the Clow butterfly valves assures you of 100 bubble-tight sealing for the life of the valve. The 304 stainless. BF Series WaferLug Butterfly Valves. PRODUCT. head-loss. Blow-out proof stem and ISO. Alignment Holes and Weight Wafer Style only. TAPPED LUG. Wafer or Lug connection. Approvals. Replacement butterfly valve VFY-WB (wafer type). DN. PN. FLOW Pressure drop kPa (100 kPa 1bar 10m H2O). Waffer type VFY-WG. DN. A. B. C. D. E. Weight mm. (kg). 50. 62. 225,5. 120. 43. Keystone SerieS Gr reSilient Seated Butterfly ValVeS. GRWGRL. Wafer and lugged body design with face-to-face dimension, are for any service where a drop-tight shut-off. Weight vary depending on trim materials used. 4. DN 50. Alternation of dimensions, materials, weight and others are reserved and. Low pressure drop. Wafer type valve has been successfully developed to fit.

flow control applications due to their light weight, low pressure loss, 100 leak. Wafer Type Lug Type DN350-600 Butterfly Valves. Pressure drop diagram for water at 20 C. Torque Nm for. 1) Standard butterfly valve (Body material GG25, Liner EPDM, Disc 316). Weight with manual gear box kg. Item no. The TYCO Model BFV-N Wafer Style. Butterfly. Wafer Style. Butterfly Valves described herein must. The approximate friction loss, based. Figure AR1 (wafer style) 2 to 36. Figure AR2 (lugged style) 2 to 24. Resilient seated butterfly valves. Weight Adapt. Size. Types include swing check, tilting-disc check, and wafer check, non slam (piston type). Check valves. Concentric butterfly valve. A butterfly valve with the disc installed in the center of the valve. Control. This is sometimes called weight loss. Butterfly Valves Double Flanged, Lug- and Wafer-type. API. © 2015